Donate, Become an SDGs Stakeholder

According to our team it is a matter of being conscientious of the responsibilities we all have and rights of others; but it is also about education in environmental awareness, ethics and social morality. This means leading with sound examples that are accountable in accomplishing our mission such as our project which delivers the Sustainable Development Goals through carbon finance development. Join us in making a difference as a Mission Related Investor by investing directly with Indigenous Peoples to protect their forests, for the sake of the planet, there is benefit for everyone in the years ahead. See our fundraising campaign!

Sponsor Our Sustainable Development Fund

When you donate to our Sustainable Development Fund and Global Goals Campaign you are investing in our future by protecting the natural biodiversity of the moist forest biome responsible for creating oxygen and sequestering carbon dioxide from the earth's atmosphere.

You can become a stakeholder by donating monthly, quarterly or annually to voluntarily offset your personal or business' carbon footprint; at the end of the year you will get a statement or you can become a stakeholder by protecting these vital natural forests by the hectare if you are willing to be an honorary title holder for three hectares or more.

It is estimated that one hectare yields 30-38 carbon credits which we calculate as part of the base formula for Indigenous Nature-Based Solution (INBS) Credits which are called such because the source is engaged in enhanced forestry protection measures that provide additional ecosystem service benefits including biodiversity, agroforestry resources, non-wood materials harvested, water purification and ecotourism. Nature Based Solution Credits were developed by the World Resources Institute and are being incorporated by Indigenous communities and community landowners.

Anyone can donate and obtain great value through their donations, even if over time. By donating to the SDGs you are donating towards objectives we began to realize in 2015, but will not obtain until 2030 so your impact can be measured across multiple years cumulatively. This is not something you want to keep secret, it is a great work in progress that cannot be won without a majority of the world's population engaged and interested enough to do the right thing for everyone that shares the planet.

Establish a Payment for Ecosystem Services Contract with Access Benefit Sharing

Several years ago carbon trading and the climate solutions marketplace protagonists viewed the forests of the Amazon and the Congo as the Holy Grails of carbon sequestration and climate change mitigation, because they really are, it includes forests that have yet to be explored and species that have yet to be identified.

Making a Mission-Related Investment or holding a Private Indigenous Activity Bond with the Ecology Crossroads Management Plan provides investors with a dividend certificate for the removal of 100, 350, 1000, 3000, 5000 or 10000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the earth's atmosphere as NbS Credits. It engages the investor (philanthropist) in the fight against climate change allowing them through their agreement to remove a defined quantity of CO2 and provide ecosystem services with a specific geomarker through Indigenous conservation officers and foresters.

  1. Mission Related Investment (MRI) - The mission is to build an ecological socioeconomic system that rewards good stewardship of natural heritage resources with meaningful employment opportunities in biodiversity and forestry conservation. This is accomplished over a period of 7 years with an Indigenous Payment for Ecosystem Services (IPES) Contract. The contract provides an Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) Agreement; Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC); and a five year Payment for Ecosystem Services Agreement. The first major dividend is realized at the end of the first full calendar year with a certificate issued by the sovereign Indigenous Authority based on the implementation of an appropriate Nature-based Solution (NbS) Credit or its equivalent. The minimum complete MRI protects 100 Hectares (3,000+ NbS Credits) annually.

  2. Charitable Private Activity Bond - A bond is secured to a particular parcel 3 or 11 hectares which are mapped. Bonds require maintenance in order to obtain dividends, this is normally accomplished with membership which is a prerequisite. Bonds deliver a specified maximum dividend each year in NbS Credits, initial bond prices are derived based on the month purchased, prorated to year end and the cost of providing ecosystem services for the parcel.

Both forms of investment are considered philanthropic donations which are converted to conservation funding for work that yields regulated ecosystem services that have a market value once they come into existence through an Indigenous sovereign agreement. All the funding for MRIs and Activity Bonds are kept in US banks, until orders for equipment are prepaid and payments are made to Indigenous officers using PayPal with their private emails set-up through the Huottuja Foundation. Indigenous officers participating in the project will have smartphones which will be issued through the project and administered remotely.